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AIA Classes

We offer 12 different AIA continuing education classes.

below is our class description list - if you would like to book a class for your design team,

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1. Opening Doors To Design Opportunities With The Model Building Code :

Structured to acquaint the design team with basic building code requirements that drive the use of fire and smoke rated wide span opening protectives. HSW Credit - Local presenter available

2. Understanding The Storm Shelter Requirements :

Structured to assist the design professional with understanding the most recent changes to Section 423 of the 2015 IBC. Highlight revisions wherein specific requirements have been introduced mandating the design and construction of storm shelters in emergency facilities and Group E occupancies within the US FEMA 250 mph wind zone. HSW Credit Local presenter available

3. Fire And Smoke Rated Curtains, First Responder :

Structured to acquaint the design team with basic building code requirements that drive the use of flexible fabric fire and smoke rated wide span opening protectives. Local presenter available

4. Fire Door Systems, A Guide to Code Compliance - 5 HOUR LU/HSW COURSE :

Focuses on salient guideline principles found in Chapters 3-10 of the IBC. Discussion includes differences between NFPA 101 and IBC on some of these issues. HSW Credit

5. Operable Wall Systems :

Goes beyond the basics of operable partitions by addressing layout, operating clearances, panel construction, and acoustical elements. Addresses how these elements work together and impact the environment in terms of health, safety and welfare. Local presenter available

6. Moveable Glass Partition Systems :

Explores the use of Moveable Glass Partition Systems to facilitate space management by addressing the benefits and features of the various types of glass partitions (panel construction and acoustical contributions, impact on environment, contribution to green initiatives). Local presenter available

7. Underfloor Service Distribution - A Key Strategy For Green Buildings :

Demonstrates the uses of underfloor service distribution (UFSD) as a "Key Green Strategy" by exploring the benefits of the system. This includes improved IAQ, energy efficiency, personal comfort control, daylighting and flexibility. The benefits of UFSD will be compared to other common green building strategies by examining how they align with the high performance and sustainable attributes of a green building. HSW Credit - Local presenter available.

8. Underfloor Air Distribution Systems - Best Practices & Lessons Learned :

Understand the concepts and benefits of underfloor air distribution while addressing the following topics : 1) air leakage - different types and issues created by unsealed plenums, 2) design and construction process - teamwork for eliminating leakage and 3) sealing techniques - identifying and fixing trouble spots. HSW Credit

9. Data Center Airflow Delivery In A Diverse & Variable Load Environment :

Focuses on current trends in the evolution of data center hardware and the parallel innovations in cooling infrastructure for the raised floor environment. HSW Credit

10. Raised Access Floors - The Next Generation Of Finishes :

Gain an understanding of the following topics - 1) the evolution of raised access flooring and how it has become a popular LEED strategy, 2) the high performance benefits of UFSD including IAQ, comfort, flexibility and energy efficiency, 3) the evolution of finishes on RAF and 4) the many finish options available on RAF that provide design variety with accessibility and style. HSW Credit

11. Expansion Joint Fie Barriers - Principals, Practices & Problems :

Deals with the life safety specifics of fire barriers, industry standards, and testing. Covers installation concerns, proper detailing of fire barriers, and the current state of joint system verificaiton. HSW Credit

12. Expansion Joint Fundamentals & Field Practice :

Addresses basic knowledge needed to understand the role expansion joint systems play in structural integrity. Also addresses common field problems encountered in putting joint systems in place. HSW Credit

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