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Just like your car, certain specialty product lines need regular maintenance and service in order to perform properly. Burgess Company not only installs these lines, but will work with businesses to deliver service after installation.


Operable wall maintenance/repair

We can help you ensure that your walls work when they need to. Our maintenance program is designed to provide ongoing regularly scheduled inspection, preventative maintenance and necessary repairs for operable walls. In order to maintain your operable partition in good working order, preventative checks should be performed at least twice a year and more often if the wall is subjected to high frequency use.


recovering operable walls

Recovering operable walls is not as simple as recovering regular walls or doorways. Recovering your operable walls incorrectly could easily cause them to no longer operate properly. Let us guide you down the proper pathway if you have a need to recover your operable wall.           


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raised access floor maintenance

Due to many years of experience, Burgess Company is knowledgeable about all aspects of raised floor installation and maintenance. Our technicians know the products, how they perform, and how to properly clean them. We have specially trained individuals and the right product components to deliver maintenance when you need it, regardless of the floor manufacturer.