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Modernfold is the industry leader in providing top quality manual & electric operable walls, acoustical glass operable walls, and non-acoustical glass wall systems. From standard vinyl separation in educational facilities to high end custom panels for complex ballrooms and convention center layouts, Modernfold has the most robust options available in the industry. 

introducing the new comfort drive automated glass wall

Convenience and automation are two highly desired features of movable walls. The ability to simply press a button and your space is automatically divided into a variety of pre-programmed layouts correctly and efficiently every time is what users desire in today’s hectic world.

The ComfortDrive® Automated Self-Driving Panel System from Modernfold does just that. Providing outstanding convenience and flexible space utilization with the beauty and daylighting benefits of Compactline® glass panels.

With ComfortDrive®, Compactline® glass panels can be moved to a variety of individually pre programmed positions under fully automatic control. The control interface takes the form of a user-friendly touch pad which can be programmed to maximize your space in a variety of applications.

acoustic clear acoustical glass wall - up to 45 stc

Acousti-Clear®, a new innovation in space management and room design by Modernfold, Inc. delivers the ultra-sleek contemporary aesthetics of aluminum and glass with highly desired sound separation all courtesy of a new and innovative glass wall system.

Modern design is characterized by its clear, elegant transparency. But a basic requirement still exists – to use space effectively and efficiently in terms of acoustics and aesthetics.

Acousti-Clear® successfully unifies these two previously contradictory demands by offering the modern design elements of glass while providing the ability to customize your space demands all while providing privacy and controlling sound. 

encore automated operable wall

Continuously hinged panels are connected together in a train, extending as one complete unit. Modernfold continuously hinged partitions facilitate quick setup time and provide efficient and convenient separation. Automated operation provides automatic setup without the need for manually moving the partitions into place. Modernfold provides state of the art safety systems as, operational safety is vitally important to Modernfold. In addition to the standard built-in mechanisms, a variety of custom options are available, including heat sensitive touch pads, infrared safety systems and pocket sensors.

For simple space division projects, Modernfold offers it's Design Planner tool where you can easily configure a solution.  With a simple "click and go" menu, the Modernfold Design Planner allows you to enter the opening size, select finishes and options, and generate drawings and specifications.  Projects can be saved for easy retrieval and modification.