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Recovering Operable Walls

Recovering Operable Walls - FAQs

Recovering operable walls is not as simple as recovering the walls of a room or hallway.

A critical mistake some facilities make is to treat operable walls like the surrounding perimeter walls when they consider applying new wall coverings. By incorrectly recovering them, the operable walls may no longer perform properly. Additionally, not all operable wall systems are designed to be resurfaced easily. Some panels have trimless edges or varying substrates. Panels come in a wide variety and must be recovered according to their specific type.


how is an operable wall recovered?

To be properly done, there are various trim items that must be removed from the wall panels prior to installation of new wall covering and then reinstalled following. Vertical panel edges often have to be removed and reinstalled. Recovering operable walls always involves a lot more than just stripping off the old covering and applying the new one. Our crews know what types of adhesives to use and how to properly remove and reinstall the trim and vertical edges. They are also trained how to properly prepare the panel faces for the new wall covering. Recovering is an activity where it pays to spend more to have the job done right the first time to avoid costly mistakes!


what problems can occur?

*Problems can develop when rust is uncovered beneath the old wall covering.

*Wall covering that has been applied with adhesive that is too strong to allow for stripping may exist.

*Substituting thicker or thinner wall covering than what was originally on the panel can cause operational issues.

*If ribbed acoustic wall carpet is being applied in place of vinyl wall covering, proper steps must be taken to ensure satisfactory results.


if i apply carpet to my operable wall, can i improve the sound rating?

Most material that is applied as wall covering has low impact on sounds that travel through the panel itself. Sometimes, carpeting can be used to recover the panels. A carpet can absorb reflected sound and have the effect of making that room seem quieter. Choose your wall covering for cost, durability, functionality, and appearance. 


Can i supply my own wall covering and have burgess apply it?

Yes you can! We will need to obtain a sample of your material prior to bidding on the project. This allow us to be able to verify if you will be able to utilize this covering choice with an operable wall.


can i recover only the lower part of the face where all the damage is and leave the rest that still looks good?

Yes. We have done this in the past. However, this may not be as straight forward as it seems. therefore, we need to discuss several factors prior to bidding this type of job.


what is the time frame you will take to recover my wall panels?

When we bid the job, please tell us if you have a specific time parameter. This will allow us to bid the job with sufficient trained manpower to get it completed on your schedule.


Man! It is time for a Op Wall Makeover! 

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