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Raised Floor Service

Our regular maintenance program will keep your raised flooring looking like new; creating a more professional environment and protecting your investment by lengthening the life of your floor. 


Let Burgess help you extend the life of your raised access flooring by providing the following services:

*Rotate your panels for even wear

*Replace warped panels

*Replace delaminated panels

*Replace broken edge trim

*Adjust the understructure



*Spot cleaning to eliminate stains

*Professional cleaning of the surface grade

*Detailed cleaning of all entry points

*Sub-micron filter vacuuming


Underfloor cleaning helps protect employees from airborne contaminants which contribute to a wide range of health problems and employee absenteeism. It is important to clean out the underfloor from airborne contaminants in order to prevent clogged circuitry and increase risk of fire. These airborne contaminants can also lead to accidental halon discharge. 


did you know?

*Our cleaning also satisfies many insurance audits, helping to reduce the cost of insurance?

*Dust and dirt are both abrasive to the raised floor surface AND harmful to sensitive equipment?

*Loose edge trim or panels can lead to trip hazard and increased liability?

*Floor wax build-up inhibits static charge dissipation?

*The underground floor air system can carry contaminants to your equipment if it's not kept clean?

*Contaminants can include concrete or sheetrock dust, rust flakes, carbon particles and many other types of particles?


YES! I would like to speak with you about maintaining/cleaning a raised access floor!

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